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You can now use your iPhone to pay for NYC transit rides — Video

Forget your New York Metro card?
At the end of the month that won’t be a problem.
The New York MTA is turning on contact list payments on May 31 in some subway stations and buses in the city.
You’ll be able to pay for single rides using your iPhone, Android phone, wearables or tap to pay credit and debit cards.
For over 15 years so wave passengers have used only metro cards to swipe into stations the problem is the magnetic stripes on those cards sometimes stops working and there can be long lines at stations to add money to cards tap to pay technology changes all of that all you have to do is hold your iphone or other device near the reader to pay no more lines no more cards to keep track of For iPhone users, Apple has introduced something called Apple Pay Express transit.
You need to update your phone or watch to Apple’s latest software and select your default payment card for transit before you get to the station.
Once they’re just place your iPhone or Apple Watch near the reader and you’re automatically charged for a single ride, you don’t have to wake or unlock your device.
Open an app, or even use Face ID or Touch ID.
The process is similar for Android users.
And Google Maps will also soon show you which routes accept Google Pay.
For now, the MTA only lets you buy single rides.
And Tap To Pay only works on buses in Staten Island, and on the 4, 5, and 6 trains between Grand Central, and Atlantic Avenue, Barclays Center, and Brooklyn.
By the end of next year, all New York subway stations and bus routes will accept Apple Pay and other contactless payments.
And the MTA will roll out different fare options, not just single rides.
In 2023, the yellow metro card will be no more.
Tap to pay is the future.

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